Daily Cable Percussive Logs

DailyCablePercussiveRecord.jpgEasily create your Daily Cable Percussive Records on site. Input soil descriptions with the click of a button and include photos if required. Sampling and test results down to depth are easily recorded and the relevant label is automatically created. Groundwater, water added to borehole, trialpit & chiselling and casing records are all inputted to create the data required for the finished log. Includes installation details including materials and other project details. Multiple boreholes and sheets per project can easily be saved to PDF format to email to the client or the office. Save hours each week doing paperwork and labelling samples!

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Daily Window Sampling Logs

WindowSample.jpgAs with the Cable Percussive Records, the Daily Window Sampling Records allows you to input soil descriptions to depth with photos. Sampling and test records for multiple types of samples create labels on the fly to save time. Drive records are easily inputted to depth and include sample lengths and barrel diameters. Groundwater, casing records and installation details are all inputted to create the final log for each hole. Multiple sheets can be created for each project which are converted to PDF documents and emailed to the client of office with the click of a button saving the driller hours each week!

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Fully Integrated Labelling Solution

Label SolutionsDrillIt Logs automatically works out whether a label is required for inputted samples. Labels are generated with the project information including location, project number, job number, date and the sample details including depth. Barcodes are generated for each label to tie the sample to the project. Labels are available in 2 sizes and are easily printed as individual labels or as a batch at the end of each job.


Daily Dynamic Probe Logs

DynamicProbeInput Dynamic Probe blows per 100mm. DrillIt Logs will record your trialpit depth and then record each blow with the click of a button, or just type the number of blows every 100mm. As you enter the data, a graphical representation of the gathered data is automatically generated. Enter the torque readings every metre to complete the log.

At the end of the job you can email the client or the office with the generated PDF document with the click of a button.

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Falling & Rising Head Tests

Falling + Rising Head TestsInputting data for Falling & Rising Head Tests with DrillIt Logs is easy! Enter the required information for the borehole and then set the time intervals as requested. DrillIt Logs defaults to a 1 hour test with 12 time intervals as standard. Time intervals can be changed with increments of 30 seconds.

When starting the head test, a timer shows your progress through the test. As each time interval is reached, the driller is alerted visually on screen and a klaxon is sounded. The data entered into the sheet is instantly generated as a graph to show the water levels over time.

Again, as with all DrillIt Logs records, the Falling & Rising Head Tests can be easily sent via email as a PDF document to the client or the office at the click of a button.

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EmailEmailing Final PDF Reports to Client and backing up DATA

All of the reports generated by DrillIt Logs are easily emailed to the client or the office with the click of a button. If you have an Internet connection, any photos which are attached to the Daily Logs are uploaded to the DrillIt Logs web server. These are linked from the PDF reports so that the client or office can instantly view any photos linked to the project as well as instantly view the data.

Each session with DrillIt Logs backs up all project data and PDF reports to your computer. If there is an Internet connection, backups of your data are sent to the DrillIt Logs web server for added protection.


Daily Logs Data Sheets

DataSheetsDaily logs for cable percussive drillers and Window sampling automatically create a datasheet which is added to the PDF log. this datasheet is a graphical representation of the entire borehole and includes depths, soil descriptions, samples and tests.

It also contains a graphical representation of any install & backfill. This all creates and added dimension to your logs and provides the client with an easy, clear way to interpret your raw data.

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Daily Plant Checks

Create your Daily Plant Check each day easily with DrillIt Logs. At the end of each week, tag your Plant Check onto your PDF log.


Also, check the DrillIt Logs Office Suite

Use the Office Suite to easily create projects. Includes multi drillers, second men & rig selection. Create the project and email it to the driller to import into DrillIt Logs without the hassle of having to input all the project info on-site!