Falling Head & Rising Head Records

The Falling Head & Rising Head Records are set into runs of three.


By clicking the top of the page, you can enter the information on the borehole. Click on 'Elevation of Ground' to begin the input process.


The time intervals are set to default standards, but you can click on the icon on the left hand side to change the intervals if required!


When you are ready to begin the test, click on RUN #1 - this will open the timer input window. Enter the intitial depth and click 'Update'. Now you can start the timer. A klaxton will sound every time a reading needs to be taken. Enter the depth and hit Update until the test has completed.


It is possible to manually enter the depths into the boxes at the bottom of the timer window. Once they are all completed, click 'Update All Sheet Data'

Control Panel

When you click on 'Control Panel' icon at the top of the page (or in the main menu) you will be presented with the Falling/Rising Head control panel. Here you can select which head test you wish to work on!


Select the correct hole, name it (for example 'fh001') and click update. If you click on 'already opened falling heads' this will present you with a window with a shortcut to each head test that is registered in the system!


Enter the date. A calendar will give you an easy way to enter any date or 'todays date' at a click of a button.