Dynamic Probe Record

Dynamic Probe Record

When you click on blue '+' the input form will appear. This will start at ground level. To start at any other depths, adjust the start depth!.


You can enter the data in different ways. Either by repeatedly tapping the 'BLOW' button or by using the keypad to enter the number of blows. Click 'next' to move to the next 100mm increment. Click 'Save & Exit' to close the window


The graph is automatically drawn onto the sheet! Enter torque readings by clicking on the relevant box on the sheet.


Control Panel

When you click on 'Control Panel' icon at the top of the page (or in the main menu) you will be presented with the dynamic probe control panel. Here you can select which dynamic probe you wish to work on!


Select the correct hole, name it (for example 'dp001') and click update. If you click on 'already opened dynamic probes' this will present you with a window with a shortcut to each dynamic probe that is registered in the system!


Enter the date. A calendar will give you an easy way to enter any date or 'todays date' at a click of a button.

Click on the 'hardware' tab to enter dynamic probe hardware details